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Hepatal Drops for Liver Disease

Hepatal drops by Doctor Hasanagic have been helping patients with diseased and fatty liver since 1988. They revitalize the liver, reduce fat and strengthen the immune system.

Improper liver function automatically means weak immune system. A body with a weakened immune system is highly susceptible to inflammation, various infections, attacks of viruses and other microorganisms. Read More Hepatal Drops for Liver Disease

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Ramslin – Wild Garlic Drops

Wild garlic (ramsons, buckrams, bear’s garlic, broadelaved, allium ursinum) is a wild edible plant, with exceptional healing properties and a wide range of effects on the human body.

Famous naturalist Dr. Kunz said that no plant in the world as effective in cleansing the intestines, stomach and blood, as it is wild garlic.

Wild garlic contains an essential oil that is rich with alliin, izoaliin and other sulfur compounds. The young leaves has 20-50mg of vitamin C and about 7% carotene.

Since the fresh wild garlic be found in nature only thirty days a year, and drying lose its medicinal properties, the only way to have a year-round are Wild  Garlic Drops. They are concentrated and contain active ingredients and properties of the plant itself.

Allicin is usually the strongest natural anti-microbial agent. Many bacteria are not resistant, such as MRSA for example, which is resistant to the strongest antibiotics.


Alicin from wild garlic reduce blood pressure, reduce lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol, and acts as an anti-oxidant. Also, it helps with colds, because it has bactericidal effect, protects against atherosclerosis, does not allow the merger of platelets and helps ulcer problems.

Wild garlic improves circulation, has beneficial effect on the heart, its antimicrobial effect prevents infections and accelerate healing. It’s rich in antioxidants that cleanse the body of harmful substances (smoking, alcohol, irregular diet, polluted air), and also has beneficial effects in respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma by helping to excrete excess mucus from the lungs and thus allows easier breathing.

It is effective against intestinal parasites in children, and stimulates the function of the stomach and intestines. It is successfully applied to the open wound hematoma that can heal.

Useful For

  • Hypertension
  • Reduce the amount of lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol
  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Improves circulation
  • Protects against atherosclerosis
  • Alicin from the leaves of Wild Garlic contained in Ramslin drops is one of the few elements that has an effect in the fight against Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) bacteria

Facts about wild garlic

The main ingredient of wild garlic is alliin that with enzyme alinease makes allicin, one of the most powerful antimicrobial elements in nature.

Once you got the fresh leaf of wild garlic, allin begins to vaporize and gets in contact with air oxidizes and begins to break down. Healing is lost very quickly, almost 2% per hour. It means for one day wild garlic lose half of its healing properties, and for 48 hours allin disappears completely.

Any other form of processing that includes thermal processing, drying or freezing will not preserve allin and will not contribute to your health.

For those who might not know, wild garlic extremely lowers high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, normalize blood circulation, cleanses the intestines and stomach.

One ten-thousandth gram of allicin has the strength of 20 milligrams of penicillin.

Dosage and method of use

Mix 20 drops 3 times daily in warm water, tea, juice or milk (not hot, ideally between 40-45 degrees Celsius) and wait for about 5 minutes, then drink.

Herbal drops contain alcohol. People who have problems with stomach should use them with food or dissolved in warm milk.


Wild garlic drops should be kept in a dark place below 25 degrees Celsius, out of reach of children.

Side effects

So far there are not any known wild garlic drops side effects. However, pregnant women and children should always consult a medical practitioner before taking any herbal remedy or supplement including Ramslin.

The product doesn’t contain preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors and fragrances. People who use drugs for a long time should consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Important Notes

When you start using our product, it cleans the blood vessels, but it needs some time to do that. It is the best for preventive use, permanently, but it is important to drink at least 2 months (1 bottle of 200ml) of our wild garlic drops.

Allin need 10 days to reach a critical concentration in human blood. Then move through the blood vessels, as a solvent, cleaning up the accumulated fat it encounters. Over time, wild garlic is able to completely clean up the blood vessels, as well as the stomach and intestines.

If you consume fresh wild garlic be careful to not exaggerate, 15-20 leaves a day is enough. A lot of leaves of wild garlic can lead to diarrhea due to rapid clearance of the body. People with low blood pressure can further bring down the pressure, but it is temporary and after some time, the pressure will stabilize.

Wild garlic on the market has little or no surviving allin. Plant will keep the aroma, taste, a little vitamin C, sulfur compounds, and adenosine, but not allin which is the main curative ingredient of wild garlic.

Ramslin (wild garlic drops) is 20 times more healing than regular garlic, does not irritate the stomach and has no characteristic odor. So with our wild garlic drops, you can enjoy all the aspects: the smell, taste and healing properties.

UTI E-Drops Collection
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UTI E-Drops and E2-Drops

How do the UTI E-Drops and UTI E2-Drops work?

For example, we will use Escherichia coli, a bacteria that is the cause of over 90% of urinary infections, but would like to note that UTI E-Drops and UTI E2-Drops are also effective against infections caused by other types of bacteria. They are also effective for suppressing vaginal infections, but I must add that with stronger vaginal infections, additional measures may be necessary.

The combination of herbal essential oils, which are part of E-Drops and E2-Drops, works in many ways. Besides having antibacterial and antiseptic properties, oils form a protective layer on the walls of the urinary tract which prevents the bacteria to retain and multiply there. Also, herbal essential oils have diuretic properties that increase the ejection of bacteria through urination.

Not only does the oil’s ingredient break down the walls of the Escherichia cells and thus destroy them, they already create a protective layer on the walls of the urinary tract, and thus create a basis to which the bacteria cannot stick and multiply. This can be compared to the coating of iron with protective colors against moisture and rust.

A small number of bacteria that are not destroyed have nothing to stick on to or to feed, and thus the infection is stopped. The diuretic properties of E-Drops and E2-Drops help to eliminate even that small number of surviving bacteria quickly and efficiently from the body by urination.

E-Drops or Antibiotics

Antibiotics are designed to act toxic to bacteria; they literally try to poison them and thereby eliminate them. The problem with this way is that toxins, which are designed to destroy Escherichia, cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria, so they are harmful to the useful bacteria and human organism, by destroying the immune system and causing great damage to the liver.

The problem with antibiotics is also that bacteria adapts and “learn” how to resist poisons and chemical substances of antibiotics. Antibiotic will never destroy 100% of all bacteria. This is not only the case with antibiotics, but also with other antibacterial and antiseptic products. Even on the labels of industrial and commercial antibacterial agents, which are used for cleaning in hospitals or in the household, it says that it destroys only 99.99% of bacteria.

In the case of E Coli, 10.000 (104) or 100.000 (105) per milliliter of urine, is not considered an infection, which means you can have 100,000 bacteria in one milliliter of urine without symptoms and problems, and the analysis will show that the patient has been successfully cured. It is true that this number of bacteria is relatively not hazardous to health, but the problem is if this number of bacteria remains in the urinary tract after using antibiotics.

The bacteria that survived will eventually become resistant to the already used antibiotics. This means that, if the next inflammation occurs, the same antibiotic will not work, or a greater amount of it will be required, in order to suppress a new infection. Of course, this leads to new problems such as: destroying more of the useful bacteria, and the formation of more resistant harmful bacteria.

Stronger antibiotics and more resistant bacteria thus create a “magical circle” from which there is no exit.

Unfortunately, these are not the biggest problems that this kind of use of antibiotics brings. Excessive use of antibiotics creates liver problems, leading to cirrhosis, which can eventually pass into cancer.

An improper use of antibiotics can be read more in my article called “Antibiotic paradox”.

If Escherichia can “learn” to defend itself against antibiotics, can it become resistant to E-Drops and E2-Drops in the same way?

This question was asked to me several times. If you read the article “Antibiotic paradox”, you will see how bacteria are intelligent and how they adapt to all that human being uses against them. There are already bacteria that are resistant to all known types of antibiotics, as well as bacteria that, after being destroyed, find the way to collect part of their genetic code and return to their original state.

In order for the bacteria to develop and reproduce, it is necessary to have a suitable base and source of food. It’s much more difficult for a bacterium to become resistant to some drug, if this drug does not allow her to live in the environment in which she works and if the bacteria does not have enough time to “learn” to defend itself.

It is inevitable that after a long time and under favorable circumstances, the bacterium finds a way to defend itself from what it destroys, so it may sound unreasonable to say that E-Drops and E2-Drops are completely immune to the intelligence of the bacteria.

However, unlike antibiotics, E-Drops and E2-Drops have multiple effects and the structure of the compounds that these caps contain, creates conditions that give no chance of survival of bacteria. The chemical composition of herbal essential oils creates an environment that is absolutely unsuitable for the development of the infection.

With great certainty, I can claim that at this moment, E-Drops works efficiently in over 90% of cases, and so will be a long, long time.

The reasons are as follows:

From the text “Antibiotic paradox” it can be seen that bacteria began to become resistant to antibiotics at the moment when they started massively and uncontrolled to be used when it was needed and when it wasn’t.

It takes several years of massive use of some drug, that bacteria, under certain favorable conditions, develop absolute and complete immunity to that drug.

What is Mass Use? Massive use is considered several hundred thousand treatments per year in a very limited area (one city, or one larger medical center), or several million treatments in a wider area, uncontrolled use, which is the case with antibiotics.

Only in America over 100 million antibiotic treatments are transcribed annually, and the US Drug Control Center considers 50% of it completely unnecessary

Why E-Drops and E2-Drops are Better than Antibiotics


UTI E-Drops and E2-Drops are designed not only to destroy the bacteria, but also to create a very disadvantageous environment for the bacteria to spread and reproduce. Therefore, certain bacteria that may survive the basic action of the drops will not be able to spread into a new infection.

They create an environment in which a bacterium literally has nothing to stick, or what to feed, so it cannot reproduce. Without the possibility of reproduction, the bacteria cannot produce progeny that would be immune to these preparations.

To clarify this, I will give you a simple comparison: as if we were putting a couple of freshwater fish in a sea water aquarium and expecting to begin to reproducing.


These drops have diuretic properties that eject bacteria through urination. Even if they survive, most bacteria will be thrown out of the urinary tract. This does not give bacteria time to eventually adapt to that environment. It would be the same as if those already mentioned fish were tossed out of the aquarium to dry.

In severe infections, the process of elimination of bacteria using E-Drops can be further accelerated by using Dr. Hasanagic Urological Tea or Tea from Piraeus, prepared according to the recipe of Dr. Enes Hasanagic.


The reason for the superiority of E-Drops and E2-Drops over antibiotics has been very surprising to me personally recently.

While on one of my visits to Sarajevo (for many years I live in Canada), with Dr. Alden Prcic, an urologist at the Sarajevo hospital in Kosevo, analyzed the E-Drops study (developed by the company Medical Botany Research from Canada for the purpose of registering E-Drops with the Canadian Ministry of Health), Dr. Prcic noted that one of the ingredients, contained in E-Drops, promotes immunity against bacterial infections.

Medical Bothany Research has produced an extensive and very detailed study of over 600 pages with the medical properties of all ingredients in E-Drops, and one of these features is the ability to create immunity against this type of infection.

Thanks to the experts of this Canadian scientific institution and Dr. Prcic, who has noted this information in the abundance of information, we now know that one of the ingredients of E-Drops develops and creates immunity to these bacterial infections.

I don’t want to create the impression that consuming E-Drops and E2-Drops regularly can create complete immunity against Escherichia coli, since the studies we have available do not provide enough information for such claims. But in a number of cases, there will certainly be positive results.

In any case, the effectiveness of E-Drops in controlling and preventing infections is indisputable. The ability to create immunity to these infections is just an additional bonus. We will continue with research in this field which could bring us a better and more complex understanding of the immunological effect of E-Drops.


The composition of E-Drops and E2-Drops not only that don’t damage the immune system of the human body but help detoxify the liver and thus help its functions, as well as the strengthening of immunity.

Even if the bacteria in some way, in some distant future, finds ways to resist our products (in which I doubt), they still be far superior to antibiotics.

When E-Drops Will Not Work

Inefficiency of E-Drops and E2-Drops in about 10% of cases is relative inefficiency. Patients who E-Drops didn’t help to solve the problem of infection, in almost all cases have a bigger problem, from physical or mental nature, which creates all new and new infections.

This does not mean that the drops do not destroy the bacteria, but that new bacteria are created in some region to which the action of the drops doesn’t reach. For example, kidney stones, reflux, inflammation, and sometimes sexual relations, are some of the physical or mechanical causes of the infection. Also, a much weakened immune system, caused by everyday stress or other causes (such as chemotherapy or excessive use of chemicals), and creates serious infections.

In all these cases, E-Drops destroy existing bacteria, but new bacteria are produced before the effects of drops can be felt.

E-Drops and E2-Drops will solve or prevent infection, but sometimes, as in the above cases, they cannot solve (eliminate) the cause of infection.

In a large number of cases, it is possible for us, through consultation with patients and their doctors, to find the reason, and at the same time to work on resolving the infection and the cause.

This was one of the main reasons for creating E2-Drops which serve as a preventive and controlling infection, until the cause of the infection is resolved. In severe cases, surgery may be needed to resolve the problem of infection.

The Difference Between E-Drops and E2-Drops

E-Drops are used in already existing infections, while E2-Drops is used as a preventive agent against new infections.

The E2-Drops are not a guarantee that the new infection will never come. Depending on your immune status, E2-Drops will eliminate or significantly slow down the development of new infections. Strengthening the immune system is the best method for long-term prevention of the development of new bacteria.

Unfortunately, the power of the immune system is rapidly lost, and it slowly returns. As you work on strengthening the immune system, E2-Drops is an extra helpful tool that slows down or prevents the development of new infections.

It is known that urinary infections often return to some people, especially those with impaired immunity. In order to prevent the return of infections, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system through diet, avoiding stress and stressful situations, using mild teas for calming, as well as breathing and meditation exercises.

UTI E2-Drops – For Those Who Need Additional Help

Their basic function is to protect and prevent the return of urogenital tract infections, both urinary and vaginal. Once you are free of Escherichia and suppress the infection, in the future you can be safe with the help of E2-Drops.

E2-Drops are a logical addition to our already known E-Drops. E2-Drops is intended for both adults and children. Not only they have antibacterial and antifungal properties, but also strengthen the immune system.

E2-Drops are packaged in bottles of 50 ml. In everyday use, a bottle for an adult lasts about 45 days, and for children it is much longer.