UTI E-Drops

UTI E-Drops


100% Natural Herbal Remedy that eliminates UTI infections quickly, painlessly and effectively. UTI E Drops offers a natural alternative that works effectively, and successfully helps the body to get rid of urinary tract infection.

100% Natural herbal extracts
Relieve UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)
Easy to use: simply mix with water and drink
Antibacterial and antiseptic properties
Combination of timeless natural herbs with modern delivery technology

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UTI E Drops – Natural Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection

Every day, millions of people all around the world are forced to endure the inconvenience and discomfort of a urinary tract infection. The condition involves frequent, often painful, trips to the bathroom, severely disrupting the sufferer’s daily routine, and drastically impairing their quality of life.

If you’ve ever had to endure the pain and discomfort of a urinary tract infection, you’ll know how frustrating and debilitating symptoms can be. With fever, constant urgency, and frequent painful urination, a UTI can make it almost impossible to live a normal life.

UTI E Drops was invented by Dr. Enes Hasnagic, a leading expert in herbal medicine and nutraceuticals. It is used to effectively combat urinary tract infections. The plant extracts in UTI E-Drops contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and form a thin protective layer on the walls of the urinary tract to prevent bacterial growth.

This is a topical naturopathic medicine in the form of drops that are delivered in a mixture of water.


UTI E-Drops are natural solution that eliminate urinary tract infections quickly, efficiently and pain-free. The anti-sticking and antibacterial properties of UTI E-Drops provide fast and powerful relief from UTI infections without side effects often experienced with other remedies.

“40” drops, which is about one dropper-full, in a quarter cup of water three times a day, about fifteen minutes before meals, provides an easy solution with proven, positive results for both men and women.

Of course, there are antibiotics and other treatments to fight UTIs, but many sufferers fail to see results and may even experience unpleasant side effects such as yeast infections, allergic reactions, and gastrointestinal problems.

Developed by the renowned European chemist and herbalist, Dr. Enes Hasanagic, the blend of all-natural ingredients in UTI E-Drops, contains antiseptic properties that prevent further bacterial growth by forming a protective layer on the walls of the urinary tract.

UTI E-Drops has been a successful treatment in Europe for over 30 years, helping thousands of patients with occasional or chronic UTIs.

Now available for shipping in Canada and the United States, and online to the rest of the world, UTI E-Drops are a significant factor in the elimination of urinary tract infections.


  • All-natural herbal extracts including juniper, lavender, eucalyptus and pine needle
  • Highly concentrated for faster absorption – and results
  • Easy to use: simply mix with water and drink
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic properties to not only prevent bacteria growth, but to also eliminate existing bacteria
  • Combination of timeless natural herbs with modern delivery technology for most effective results
  • UTI E-Drops approved by Health Canada and European Union
  • All ingredients are on the FDA’s GRAS list


Each 40 drops (1 ml / 0.03 oz) contains:

  • 30 mg of Juniper extract
  • Extracts of lavender
  • Extracts of eucalyptus
  • Extracts of pinus sylvestris
  • Sunflower oil
  • Ethanol

How to Use E-Drops

Most users with regular urinary infections can use the E-Drops according to the table below. Depending on the number of bacteria and the length of the infection, the frequency of taking and the number of drops can be increased as needed.

  • Babies old 6 months - 3 times a day for 5 to 6 drops
  • Babies old 7 months - 3 times a day 7 to 8 drops
  • Babies old 8 months - 3 times a day for 9 - 10 drops
  • Babies old 9 months - 3 times a day for 11 - 12 drops
  • Babies old 10 months - 3 times a day for 13 - 14 drops
  • Babies old 11 months - 3 times a day for 15 - 16 drops
  • Children 1 to 6 years - 3 times a day for 20 - 25 drops
  • Children from 7 to 16 years - 3 times a day for 30 - 35 drops
  • Adult 3 times a day for 40 drops, 15 minutes before meals, with little tea or water

How Long Should I Use UTI E-Drops?

It depends on the cause, type and severity of the infection, the bacterial strain, and the strength of the immune system of the user. In many cases, the use of 10 to 12 days will eliminate the most of the urinary tract infections.

According to our previous experience, in the absence of kidney anomalies (eg, stone, sand, reflux …), in over 90% of cases, only one therapy (50 ml) is sufficient to control the infection. Rare are those who need the second or third therapy.

When I Need to Use Prolonged Time

UTI E-Drops should be used for prolonged period if the cause for urinary tract infection is one of the following:

  • ESBL infection (Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase)
  • Prostate and sperm infections
  • Infections caused by stone or sand in the urinary tract
  • Infections caused by the use of catheter or other medical aids
  • Infections caused by the use of adult diapers
  • Infections in people with extremely weak immune systems
  • Infections caused by honeymoon syndrome
  • Infections caused by physical disturbances on the urinary tract

UTI E-Drops Side Effects

UTI E-Drops are on the market since 1989 and so far there are no known UTI E Drops side effects. However pregnant woman and children should always consult medical practitioner before taking any herbal remedy or supplement including UTI E-Drops.

Important Notes

Breast-feeding and pregnant women who have had problems with pregnancy as well as pregnant women until the 3rd month of pregnancy should always consult their doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication, including UTI E Drops.

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