UTI E-drops PLUS are 100% Natural Herbal Remedy, that is used in extremely severe infections (with 10,000,000+ bacteria per ml. of urine), prostate and sperm infection, and infection caused by ESBL strain of bacteria.

The PLUS version of E-Drops should be ordered only by recommendation of  Mr. Vedran Hasanagic MD.AM.


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UTI E-Drops Plus - for Extremely Severe Infections

UTI E-Drops PLUS is made from herbal extracts, which are effective in solving the urinary tract infection caused by not only E. Coli, but also other bacteria, acting in many ways.

E-Drops PLUS is a stronger version of UTI E Drops and is only given for extremely severe infections and only by the recommendation of Dr. Hasanagic.

They work antibacterial. This means that the active substances of plant extracts kill bacteria and prevent bacterial reproduction and reduce their number in the ureter. E-Drops Plus also create an environment in the urinary tract that is very unsuitable for expansion and reproduction of new generations of these parasites.

Depending on the severity of the infection and the reasons why this came up, one to three treatments may be necessary. In about 70% of cases, one therapy is sufficient.

In rare cases where there are other health problems or where the immune system is severely weakened 3 or more therapies can be used without fear of harmful effects or contraindications.

Safe for children and adults and recommended by an increasing number of doctors.

UTI 336x280 Uti E-drops


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