Hepatal Drops for Liver Disease


Hepatal drops by Doctor Hasanagic have been helping patients with diseased and fatty liver since 1988. They revitalize the liver, reduce fat and strengthen the immune system.

Improper liver function automatically means weak immune system. A body with a weakened immune system is highly susceptible to inflammation, various infections, attacks of viruses and other microorganisms.

Although Hepatal drops are primarily developed for patients with a disease of the liver, they are recommended to all those who want to strengthen their own immunity.


Everything we enter into the body, including food and medicines, is subject to metabolism. Metabolism breaks down food and medicines to the substances that we need and those that are not necessary to our organism.

A liver is an organ that cares about whether these substances are needed, or eliminates them from the body. Useful substances, such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, are transmitted to the body for the purpose of energy recovery, or for the maintenance of the immune system.

Useless substances, which include toxins from synthetic drugs, under ideal circumstances, are eliminated from the body in different ways.

Unfortunately, when it comes to synthetic drugs, there are no ideal conditions, and therefore certain toxins that arise from the metabolism of antibiotics and other medications, the liver is not able to eliminate from the body. And instead of sending these toxic substances in other parts of the body, the liver deposits them in itself.

After some time, the liver becomes overused with these toxic substances and thus results in a disease called cirrhosis of the liver.

The liver is a very resistant organ, and for years it can deposit these toxins without any visible symptoms before it comes to the prediction and emergence of cirrhosis.

Unfortunately, when this happens, the situation becomes critical and a complete recovery from cirrhosis does not exist.

A similar situation is with people who regularly and too often consume alcoholic beverages in larger quantities. While a glass of red wine per day can help improve the blood count, a greater amount of alcohol will, over time, begin to damage the liver and even lead to cirrhosis.

Irregular diet, with a lot of fat and sugar, without enough fresh vegetables, can also lead to fatty liver and possibly cirrhosis.

The Hepatal drops are not an absolute solution in these cases, so we do not claim that if patient consume Hepatal drops can freely continue with its bad habits!

But Hepatal drops will significantly help liver in carrying out its functions and facilitate the removal of a large number of toxins, which would otherwise normally have accumulated in itself.


Hepatal, herbal drops are based on concentrated herbal extracts.

The active substances of Hepatal drops directly participate in the removal of fat and toxic substances from the body and, depending on the stage of the disease, prevent and slow down further liver damage in patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis.

By their composition they enhance the secretion of liver enzymes that bind to toxic substances from the liver after metabolism of synthetic drugs and irregular nutrition and take them out of the body. Less fat and toxins make the liver easier to work and enhances regeneration of the skin.

Hepatal drops also lower elevated bilirubin and maintain transaminase values under control.

Fatty Liver

Hepatal drops are also successfully used in patients with fatty liver. Active biological substances from plant extracts enhance the secretion of enzymes that eliminate excess fat from the liver. The fatty liver is mainly caused by irregular nutrition, and in some cases by the use of certain synthetic medicines.

The occurrence of fatty liver is not a problem by itself, taking in consideration that the remaining functions of the organism are in optimal condition. But, if it is not healed on time, the fatty liver can go into hepatitis, and eventually in the liver cirrhosis.

Hepatal Composition

  • Thymus vulgaris
  • Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Lavandula officinalis
  • Ocimum basilicum
  • Carum carvi
  • Silybum marianum
  • Ethanol

All herbal extracts are obtained from proven, licensed producers in Canada and, as well as our other products, tested for quality in our Nano Essentials Laboratory in Toronto.

Recommended For

In addition to patients with damaged liver, Hepatal drops are also recommended as a daily support to the immune system. Hepatal drops also helps with arthritis and gout problems.

  • Obese people
  • People who do not consume enough fresh vegetables
  • Smokers
  • Alcoholics (people from this category, sooner or later, become patients with a liver disease)
  • People who often use synthetic drugs for other health problems
  • People who work in environments with toxic vapors
  • People who live or frequently staying in areas with polluted air

Hepatal drops are produced in laboratories of the Canadian Nano Essentials company.

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Author: Vedran Hasanagic

Doctor of Alternative Medicine, a specialist in liver disease and urinary tract infections.

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